Audit Services

YESILYURT Public Accountancy is ready to provide quality services with its audit teams composed of financial advisors and supervisors having intimate knowledge and professional skills. Our Clients are from varius industries and sectors such as construction, manufacturing, energy, mining, textile, pharmaceutical, agriculture, tourism, food and consumer goods, finance, retail, aviation, machine, electronics, oil , investment, banking, telecommunication, consultancy, law and representation. Our audits are in comformity with the International Auditing Standards and it includes some sort of auditing procedures aimed to authentivcate the accounting records.
• Converting the financial statements in Turkish currency into the foreign exchanges with comformity to International Financial Reporting Standards,
• Preparation of Equity Capital Assesment Reports,
• Performance of revisions in the direction of your requests,
• Providing services to support Corporate finance,
• Consultancy services concerning the establishment of the financial report system.
• Compliance reviews,
• Performance of special purpose audits

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